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How holistic services and social work practice provide supports to the whole person and their unique life challenges, considering 'person first', environment, challenges and family / carer supports.


Hilary is a mature and passionate clinical social worker with over 25 years experience working within the human services, she has lived experience with autism spectrum challenges and has had a long and varied career working with individuals, community groups, State and Commonwealth government agencies and creating her own support groups to assist her family members and the ASD community.  The philosophy of Daisy Hills Services is to support people to make positive changes in their lives, from a social work framework, which recognises that we all have strengths and skills and can utilise these to make changes for ourselves.


As each daisy is unique Hilary applies innovative and individual supports to meet the individual's specific needs and challenges.  

A social worker and counsellor with accreditation in clinical hypnosis which can be helpful when working with complex challenges and to make personal changes, Hilary specialises in supports for people with disability, especially with autistic spectrum challenges for individuals and groups.  Hilary has worked on the original Lego Play Therapy program in SA that was created for primary school aged children with ASD in the Victor Harbor region with Disability SA in 2010.  Hilary was employed by the NDIS as one of the original Planners in SA, and has worked with the NDIS from it's roll out at trial in 2013  Hilary worked as a team leader in ACT, with the adult planning process' and left the NDIS mid 2017 to pursue her passion for social work and assisting people as a therapist, and becoming a Provider with the NDIS.  After completing her Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and being registered with the Australian Society of Hypnosis Ltd, Hilary was invited to present her two case studies for publication within the ASH Journal of 2017, she is currently working with relaxation techniques and using tangible objects with people who have autism and this work aims to teach self-regulation and address anxiety and some of the complex challenges experienced by this community.  As a registered and accredited clinical social worker, Hilary is well placed to support many complex areas of generic social work around addiction, grief and bereavement, sexuality and relationships, domestic violence, anger issues, to support people from a strengths perspective and to assist with social inclusion and work from an empowering model of person centred service delivery.

Hilary enjoys people, their unique stories and she lists her strengths as acceptance, humour, being non-judgmental, respect for confidentiality and being approachable.  


Hilary has created Daisy Hills Services to work with you, to create a plan and make positive changes towards your identified goals.  Each support will be tailored to your specific needs and family capacity to work towards positive change.

Hilary O'Moore

B. Soc. Work.

Dip. Clinical Hypnosis Registered with ASH
Accredited Social Worker with AASW


'In all contexts, social workers focus on individual, family, carer and community strengths and needs, and work collaboratively to support people to achieve the lives they want.  Social workers take a holistic approach that includes the individual and systemic factors.  Our practice is across the life span, and this includes working with children, adults, families, carers, groups and communities.

With a focus on self-determination (not fostering dependency) and holistic analysis, social workers offer a unique and valuable contribution to providing appropriate and targeted services to meet the complex needs of individuals, their families and communities in both disability and mainstream services'.

From Australian Association of Social Work  March, 2016


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