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Social work practice is effective across the life span, and this includes working with children, adults, families, carers, groups and communities. Most importantly, social workers work alongside people, with and without disability, to facilitate their empowerment and that of their families and carers to progress towards their needs, goals and aspirations for positive change.

Daisy Hills Services emphasis the principles of social justice and respect for human dignity and human rights.  The social work profession operates at the interface between people and their social, cultural, physical and natural environments.  Social workers maintain a dual focus on both improving human well being and addressing any external issues that impact on well being, create inequality, injustice and discrimination.

Our service is driven to create individual and innovative supports that are designed with you, to progress you towards positive life changes and achieving your goals.  We have the experience, maturity, respect of dignity and commitment to work with you and walk alongside you for this part of your journey.

Daisy Hills Services delivers supports to the Southern region of SA from Noarlunga to Kangaroo Island and covers the Southern Fleurieu and Alexandrina Council region.  

We travel to Kangaroo Island several times per month and are on the Island for one week each visit to provide consistent services.



Call now to arrange a suitable appointment when Daisy Hills Services is travelling to your community.

Daisy Hills working with you on your journey of growth

Let us show you how Daisy Hills Services can help you:


  • Individual or Group Work

  • Therapeutic Counselling

  • Relaxation and Guided Imagery

  • Clinical Hypnosis

  • Narrative Therapy

  • Cognitive Behavioral Theory Supports

  • Family Systems & Relationships

  • Person-Centered

  • Positive Psychotherapy

  • Strengths Based

  • Sensory Supports

  • Social Skills for individuals & groups

  • Social Inclusion using theatrical skills

  • Early Intervention

  • Behavioural Supports

  • Daily care and Community Access

  • Advocacy, Mentoring, Mediation

  • NDIS Preparation, Planning, Support Connection, Coordination of Supports & Specialised Coordination of Supports

  • Social Work with trauma, anxiety, depression, addiction, relationships, grief & bereavement, DV, positive social inclusion promoting growth 

Available Supports

PO Box 1779, VICTOR HARBOR SA  5211

PO Box   878,  KINGSCOTE          SA  5223  

Ph:  0458 767 755

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Each Daisy is unique and grows in it's own way with Daisy Hills Services

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